Monday, July 5, 2010

Pasteis de Belem

As I mentioned elsewhere, Monica and I have been exploring the concept of “typical food”. We are foodies, after all, and intellectual foodies to boot. We spend a lot of time discussing social theory as it relates to food, which, in my humble opinion, is second to none in ways I want to spend my time. I enjoyed so much our conversations over little tiny coffees, especially at Pasteis le Belem. Belem is a neighborhood in Lisbon, which has a coffee shop specializing in a typical Lisbon treat of small custard tarts. We ate them all over the city, but here they were superb. Fresh from the oven, flaky, creamy, sweet, they are the perfect complement to a tiny shot of bitter coffee. It’s a great way to start the day. On our walk to the coffee shop, we passed a tantalizing garden high above the street. It was locked, but looked suspiciously like a community garden. There was just a tiny bit too much disorder for a private garden. I hope that I can find out more the next time I head to Pasteis de Belem.

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