Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes to self, re: India, attn: Rishikesh

Do bring your cell phone charger, batteries you charged the night before and sensible shoes.

Don’t just agree to go on a “walk” to a waterfall without asking if sensible shoes are required. This is especially important if you have not brought sensible shoes with you.

Do bring your own laundry soap. Failing that bring Benadryl for the allergic reaction you will have from whatever is in laundry soap in India.

If you have not brought your own laundry soap and have recently washed your pants, take them off before bathing in a waterfall. Take Benadryl anyway.

Do let a waterfall in the Himalaya be really worth a little bit of misery.

Do eat yak cheese sandwiches.

Do eat ghewar (Garhwali cake) and masala (spicy) tea for breakfast.

Don’t eat Chinese food.

If you must eat Chinese food, find fantastic, bombastic company and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and watch the first day of the new moon set over the Ganga.

Allow strangers to show you the way.

Meet old and new friends in the middle of the bridge.

If you believe in the power and mystery of the Ganga, allow peace to live.

Return to love.

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