Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Acts of Locavore

Breakfast at home when I returned from India. Local melon, kale, eggs, bacon, cheese, bread...oh my! All from the farmer's markets in Athens. Ate this out in the garden thinking about how good life is.

Supper at Mom's--the Indian feast I was dreaming of while in INDIA! Appetizer of papad, salad with chunky chat masala and cilantro chutney; main course of paneer makheni, chicken tikka, aloo gobi, cucumber raita, roti, mango pickle and brown rice kheer for dessert--the works! Lots of stuff from Mom's garden.

Squash soup at my brother's house--squash and leeks from family gardens; rosemary from my shrub in Georgia and apples from an old tree growing in the woods around the corner from my brother's house. Perfect for a chilly fall day in Minnesota!

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